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Smithfield RI & Woodstock CT

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Services & Pricing


Therapeutic Massage

Everybody has individual needs and preferences. Whether you are looking to relax, reduce tension, or relieve pain and muscle tightness, a customized massage therapy session will be structured to meet your needs.  Massage modalities incorporated:

•Swedish Massage- a full body massage using light to medium pressure. Long, kneading, rhythmic, soothing strokes are used.

• Deep Tissue Massage- full body or area specific, deeper pressure is used to release tissue restriction.  Hands, soft fists, forearms and elbows apply pressure for this treatment.

• Myofascial Release- These strokes are sometimes more intense (but effective). It is generally dry work, no lotion is used, which increases tissue movement, reduces restrictions & improves range of motion.

• Positional Release- With this method the body is moved into positions which create slack in tight tender muscles. This resets the way your muscles perceive stimuli and relieves points of tension and pain.

•Cupping- Silicone cups are applied to the body by suction.  Cupping moves lymph, and reduces restriction in fascia and muscle tissue.  Aside from being used during your 30/60/90 minute treatment you have the option to use cupping as an Add On treatment: Cups will be applied to your back and left on for 15 minutes.


Relaxing Facial Massage

30 minute session includes a vigorous massage to the face, neck and decollete with the use of toner, essential oils, massage creme and the application of hot moist towels.

60 minute session includes a vigorous massage to the face, neck and decollete with the use of toner, essential oils, massage creme and the application of hot moist towels.  Added massage time to the scalp, hands and feet.  Feet are wrapped in hot moist towels prior to massage.

  • Please arrive without makeup

  • Avoid too much sun/sunburn

  • In the case of acne or rosacea, cold towels will be used


Thai Foot Reflexology Massage

Reflexology helps bring the body back into homeostasis so that the body can heal itself.  It decreases stress & pain. Promotes healing, circulation & digestion.  A series of massage strokes are done to warm up the foot then the foot is worked with a wooden stick or fingers to hit reflexology points.

Couples Massage

Offered at both Woodstock Massage and Wellness, and Apple Valley Wellness Center.


Pricing is as follows:

  • 30 minute massage - $40

  • 60 minute massage - $70

  • 90 minute massage - $100

  • 120 minute massage - $130

  • 30 minute relaxing facial massage - $45

  • 60 minute relaxing facial massage - $80

  • 45 minute Thai foot reflexology - $50

  • 15 minutes cupping (add on) - $15



Erika Hanson is a Licensed Massage Therapist who graduated from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in 2015.  She also holds a Bachelors degree in metalsmithing from Rochester Institute of Technology.  Previously she used her creative talents designing costume jewelry and home decor products.  Erika is happy to have found such a rewarding second career where she still gets to work with her hands, easing pain and tension for those who are on her table.  Each treatment is customized to meet your needs, each time you visit.


You can find Erika at:

Woodstock Massage & Wellness - open November 2018 158 Route 171 Woodstock CT 06281

Apple Valley Wellness Center
47a Cedar Swamp Rd. Smithfield RI 02917
Jan 2015 to present



Swedish Relaxation Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Myofascial Release


TMJ Release

Positional Release

Facial Toning Massage

Thai Foot Reflexology Massage



Amazing doesn’t cut it! Erika is so welcoming, professional, and knowledgable. She has amazing techniques that are completely soothing while working out kinks at the same time. She is the only person who has ever put me into a trance during a massage. Easy to get in touch with, easy to get an appointment, and easy on the wallet. I can’t stress enough how great she is...or I then I can give myself an excuse to go have another massage!
— Jennifer Malouin- Facebook Erika Hanson - Licensed Massage Therapist page
Erika is poetic with her hands. I came to her with a hurt neck and it was magic! Thanks, Erika!
— Mike Slavtcheff- Facebook Erika Hanson - Licensed Massage Therapist page


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